Red Wing Aeroplane: 25 Years of Aviation Excellence

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Red Wing Aeroplane, incorporated in 1990 as a certified FAA Repair Station located in Bay City, Wisconsin near the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St Paul, maintains its business base at the Red Wing Airport facility KRGK. The company began by providing excellent customer service for general aviation aircraft, and grew to support a multi-million dollar maintenance facility with a staff of certified A/P aircraft mechanics, specialty tooling, competitive pricing, extensive spare parts and over 60 years combined experience in Citation Jet and General Aviation maintenance service.


Corporate-Quick-FactsAs the service business grew, President and CEO Wes Converse, noticed a trend in first class airline travel. A commercial pilot, Wes recognized many changes in the airport experience after 9/11. Primarily, routes previously being flown point-to-point were now being re-routed through city hubs thereby increasing the total time to destination. Additionally, the entire airport experience changed as time sensitive travel for executives as well as luxury air travel had rapidly deteriorated. An opportunity to provide better and more cost effective service presented itself. Wes and the staff at Red Wing Aeroplane developed a niche that is immune from the business travel sensitive economy.

It is defined by passengers who have the financial means to use a charter service and avoid the current daily inconveniences of commercial air travel. Picking up passengers at a small airport near their home and avoiding the challenges of the large airport, and providing premier concierge and food service combined to allow Red Wing Aeroplane to build significant market share. With five Cessna Citation Jets in 2005 the fleet has grown to 12 aircraft and is continuously expanding.


Aircraft management_photo1Our service is the New First Class for the airline industry – this is our brand and we live it every day. Our clients will agree that you’ll be on time, the aircraft will be clean and the crew hospitable. Charter flights take Red Wing aircraft to both coasts, up and down the eastern seaboard, into the Caribbean and into South America and Canada. We use a floating fleet concept and a 24/7 operations and booking staff that allows for maximum flexibility and convenience to our customers.

Safety is at the foundation of all of our services. Our steadfast dedication to passenger safety and security is supported by a comprehensive and ongoing program of internal review and third party audits. Our planes and flight crew are rated as ARG/US Gold and Wyvern PASS Ready and we are an FAA certified Part 135 Air Carrier.